Middle School

IMPACT programs help young teens develop the skills to respond to potentially dangerous situations. Students learn to avoid altercations, resist intimidation, assert themselves in the face of peer pressure and escape potential assaults. They are also taught how to report dangerous situations to a safe adult. Scenarios focus on issues relevant to their lives such as bullying, dating situations, and increasing independence.

IMPACT teaches viable safety skills in a fun, interactive environment.

Age-appropriate safety skills include:

  • Deescalating potentially threatening situations
  • Resisting peer pressure and bullying
  • Physical self-protection skills
  • Recognizing and escaping inappropriate touch
  • Assertiveness: Knowing and communicating their boundaries


We Come to You

All programs can be tailored to fit the schedule of your school or youth group. Instructors are available to travel to schools throughout New England.


Upcoming Middle School Classes:

12/2/17, 12/3/17 (Both 10:00 am – 2:00 pm)


For more information call Meagan Anderson at (781) 388-4338 or email us at info@impactboston.org